Life with SureCure Aligners


Floss, clean, brush and gargle with the mouthwash of your choice, by simply removing your aligners and re-inserting them once done.


A sparkling, confident smile helps you pull off any look with confidence. Weddings, cocktails, or just an evening out with friends, your aligners are sure to go unnoticed.


Continue to engage in the sport of your choice freely, while wearing your aligners. For high body contact sports however, it is advisable to remove your aligners, temporarily to avoid damage.


No diet modifications are required. Just remove aligners while eating and re-insert after rinsing your mouth. Avoid nicotine and gum with the aligners on, to prevent damage and discoloration.


Stay perked up and confident all day long at work, while your aligners go about doing their business on your precious whites.


Your aligners demand a much simpler routine - just cleanse your aligner set as per instructions and re-insert it before you head to bed. You're done!'